The Village Theatre Company offers two levels of tickets for our beloved audiences: 

  • Standard Villager
    • Ticket Price: $12
    • The standard villagers ticket entitles the bearer to be entertained at the highest level imaginable by a group of the most wonderful people he or she will ever find
  • Very Important Villager or VIV 
    • Ticket Price: $15
    • The VIV is entitled to the same level of entertainment as the standard villagers but with the following valuable additions:
      • Front row seating!
      • A soft and comfy seat cushion!
      • A complimentary beverage and snack (one of each per VIV)!
      • A photo op with the cast after the show!
    • Due to the limited number of VIV seats, these tickets cannot be purchased online. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

There may be some tickets available on the day of the show to purchase at the door!

CALL (978) 376-3767 TO FIND OUT!

All tickets purchased online will be held at the "will call" window at the venue.